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Tempur-Pedic Custom Mattress

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Every Imaginable Shape

Custom Boat Mattress

A Custom Tempur-Pedic® Boat Mattress is Comfort at Sea
Artisans Custom Mattress, Inc.
is the Authorized Expert Customizing house
for Tempur-Pedic products.

Artisans is the only custom mattress company with a 10 year limited warranty.  Interested?

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Custom boat mattress quality was often compromised by both the extremely limited on-board passageways and the difficulty accommodating the “unique spaces” designed for mattresses.  Many yacht builders encourage owners to choose their personal custom mattress. Since 1999, Artisans Custom Mattress has been offering an industry leading choice that will amaze and delight you. Our expert artisans can customize Tempur-Pedic mattresses to fit anywhere while retaining all the original materials, features, and limited warranty!

Our expertise and knowledge of material design allows for unlimited shape options. The TEMPER® material flexibility allows loading into tight quarters through narrow passageways. Most importantly, Tempur-Pedic comfort continues to satisfy the most demanding critics on some of the most prestigious yachts. Read More

Custom Home Mattress


A Tempur-Pedic® custom home mattress crafted by Artisans adds that finishing touch to the unique character of our personal space. Your imagination and Artisans Custom Mattress can turn your ideas into reality. A window seat can become a comfortable feature. Split queens for adjustable bases, large and small round beds, complex window cushions, crib mattresses, extra long and large beds – our expert artisans allow your imagination to blossom.

 Develop your perfect softness and presentation with Artisans’ expertise and your favorite Tempur-Pedic® mattress model. Artisans’ goal is to amaze and delight home owners, interior designers, and guests.

What will your creativity bring to your home?

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Custom RV Mattress

A custom Tempur-Pedic® RV mattress from Artisans Custom Mattress is the quality standard for comfort and service. Experiencing the world close up and personal is best enjoyed when we are rested and alert. Artisans can help with your favorite Tempur-Pedic mattress model crafted to your exact specifications.    

Every Imaginable Shape


Fatigue is the number one cause of judgment errors that lead to serious problems and injuries. Nowhere is this more important than on long road trips.

 Once that perfect setup site is secure, refreshed mornings help us relish each venue. Read More

Custom Mattress for Planes, Trains and Trucks

The Custom Mattress Imperative



NASA scientists were on a quest for a material that was pressure relieving as well as shock absorbing. The result was memory foam and it was a great start.



Another satisfied customer

An example of yet another satisfied customer’s private plane

Tempur-Pedic® perfected the concept with TEMPUR™ material, it added breath-ability, durability and consistency. Tempur-Pedic now offers a variety of soft and firm mattresses to meet the most demanding comfort standards. These are just a few of the many reasons why Tempur-Pedic products are the best choice for private planes, trains, and trucks. The experts at Artisans Mattress continually create perfect fitting Tempur-Pedic comfort solutions for Every Imaginable Shape. 



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