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Artisans Measurement Kit

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Detailed drawings are all that are needed for basic mattress shapes such as custom rectangles including extra large rectangles or small rectangles as well as round beds, poster beds and other special “square” cuts.

Large round Tempur-Pedic Elite model

Full Sized Patterns

Full sized patterns are necessary when the sides of the mattress are sloped or have curved edges or irregular shapes, conditions where a schematic would get excessively complicated. Most patterns may be completed in 15 to 30 minutes.

What the Artisans Measurement Kit Does

The exclusive Artisans’ Measurement Kit includes illustrated instructions, toll free phone support, materials, Priority postage and special tools to make informative schematics and full sized patterns. Our step-by-step instructions cover all situations we have experienced, from the simplest rectangles to the most complicated shapes. We even detail the steps for measuring a mattress that fits snugly along a sloped or curved hull or other fixtures.

Digital Photos: Digital snap shots via e-mail, text or printed on plain paper are always appreciated. Low resolution photos work best for both e-mailing and printing on plain paper. Photos of the empty bed from various viewpoints help us understand detailed aspects of the custom mattress.

When do I Receive the ACM Measurement Kit?

After you have talked to an ACM specialist and your custom mattress order has been confirmed, the ACM Measurement Kit will be sent to you via Priority Mail, usually 2 day delivery.

The ACM Measurement Kit is free with your completed order – a $30 value!

Need a Measurement Kit Fast?

Options for fast delivery of the Measurement Kit include Overnight express mailing. Alternatively we can fax or e-mail you the instructions including the list of special tools and supplies that may be obtained locally.

Who Is Qualified to Use the Measurement Kit?

Most unique bed shapes can be measured in less than an 30 minutes, providing the mattress is one of the popular shapes such as a basic boat V-berth or diamond shape. More time and skill is required to accurately specify complex mattress sides that snugly fit against multiple features or uneven foundations. If you are unfamiliar with this type of art and science, please read all the instructions before deciding if it is for you. Should you have the slightest hesitation, please contact us. We may have representative in the area. Another option is your trusted sail maker, interior design professional, local upholster or furniture maker. We will do all we can to help you.

       Side View of “Complex” Mattress Sides   11 

complex cut mattress       1111

Side View of “Vertical” Mattress Sides

square mattress

These measurement instructions are the property of Artisans Custom Mattress, Inc. and are for the exclusive use of Artisans Custom Mattress customers and authorized representatives. Any unauthorized use or reproduction without written permission is prohibited.

Mattresses with Divisions

We recommend a single piece mattress for your comfort. Old fashioned mattresses need divisions or hinges for loading, which later become a nuisance and a place to lose a knee or elbow. Temporarily folding a mattress is easy because of the flexibility of TEMPUR® material (above 65 ° F) which allows a large mattress to be maneuvered through tight spaces. Access to storage compartments under the mattress is made easier with the folding option. Artisans can include straps with quick release buckles to help keep the mattress folded.

Lee Cloth Options: Traditional mattresses require a split to accommodate a lee cloth. However a taut line will sink into the viscoelastic material without a mattress split. Because the lee cloth is only used a few weeks out of a year, the comfort of a one piece mattress may work for your boat. Of course our expert artisans are ready and willing to customize your mattress with a split or whatever details works best for you.

Mail Your Manufacturer Provided Schematics

The boat or RV manufacturer occasionally has detailed schematic drawings of their mattresses available to owners. You may Fax, e-mail or mail your drawings to us.

Another option is to ship us the old mattress, but please call us first.

Of course you have Questions!

Ask Artisans!

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