Vision & Mission Statement

Tempur-Pedic mattresses in Every Imaginable Shape


The Artisans Custom Mattress (ACM) Product is well known and respected in the recreation and furniture industries of North America. Our Product is service from responsible and responsive people with practical knowledge, excellent workmanship, a sense of urgency, and unsurpassed comfort. Successful business experiences oblige us to put it all together in a competitive package and continually improve.



The Artisans team effectively remind key individuals that the our Product is capable of earning the rank of ‘preferred amenity’ by discerning owners and guests who enjoy prestigious homes, yachts, motor coaches, resorts, cruise ships, charter yachts, planes, trains and trucks.

The sales, production, inventory, office and management teams revel in providing competent, dependable, accurate, timely and friendly service.


USA_flag3RtProudly Made In the U.S.A.