Custom RV Mattress

Custom RV Mattress

A custom Tempur-Pedic® RV mattress crafted by Artisans Custom Mattress is the quality standard for comfort and service. Experiencing the world close up and personal is best enjoyed when we are rested and alert. Artisans can help with the Tempur-Pedic advantage.

Every Imaginable Shape


Artisans Custom Mattress, Inc.
is the Authorized Expert Customizing house
for Tempur-Pedic® products.

Artisans is the only custom mattress company with a 10 year limited warranty.  Interested?

See our online estimate form to get yourself closer to a great nights rest today!

Fatigue is the number one cause of judgment errors that lead to serious problems and injuries. Nowhere is this more important than on long road trips.

 Once that perfect setup site is secure, refreshed mornings help us relish each venue.


Of all the gear on-board, the custom motor coach mattress has the most intimate and extensive contact with us. Artisans is here to help satisfy experienced explorers who spend more than occasional weekends onboard and identify sleeping comfort as a priority. Tempur-Pedic comfort continues to satisfy the most demanding critics on the most prestigious motor coaches.

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Custom Tempur-Pedic mattresses have proven to be a wise investment for coachloads of explorers. Artisans serves fine R.V. and custom travel trailer companies that offer their customers a choice of mattresses. Motor coach builders often encourage owners to define a personal mattress choice after the sale of the vehicle and we are pleased to serve you directly.


Mattress quality on recreational vehicles has often been compromised by both the extremely limited passageways and the difficulty accommodating the “unique spaces” left for mattresses. The TEMPUR® material flexibility allows loading into tight quarters through narrow passageways.

Custom Airstream Trailer Mattress

 Reasons for Artisans’ Continued Success
  • ACM offers the Confidence of Brand Name,
    • World Class Technology,
    • 10 year limited warranty backed by the Tempur-Pedic company,TemCldLux_Corner_Details_5x7
    • Award Winning, Space-Age Tempur-Pedic mattress customized with all the original materials and features.
  • Since 1999 Artisans has been committed to delivering the highest quality service and value.
    • The foremost test of any custom product is the service, starting from the first inquiry and continuing through delivery and customer satisfaction. Our skilled and experienced artisans, with extensive knowledge of material design, allow unlimited shape options. Individual needs are met with Artisans customer support plus Tempur-Pedic product options.
Customer Satisfaction is our foundation
A RV with a his and hers sleeping arrangement

A R.V. with a his and hers sleeping arrangement

Tempur-Pedic products have consistently maintained high customer satisfaction ratings over many years.  Tempur-Pedic mattresses are the preeminent product and customer referrals have always been our best sales tool. Serious comfort in Every Imaginable Shape delivered with world class service makes Artisans Custom Mattress the unparalleled source for custom shaped mattresses.


Remember your loyal pet!


Since 1999, Artisans has been amazing and delighting important people like you.

Tempur-Pedic mattresses in Every Imaginable Shape

Of course you have Questions!

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Made in the USAProudly Made In the U.S.A.

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