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Attention to Customizing Details

A custom mattress is a very personal article. It is both art and technology. We chose the name “Artisans” because its definition is ‘expertly combining art and technology’. For Artisans Custom Mattress, that means the sleep technology must be the best and the appearance and fit exclaims quality. Thousands of happy customer prove we have the detailed process to consistently meet that demanding standard.

Setting the industry quality standards for custom mattress comfort since 1999 requires consistent attention to detail. Achieving custom mattress performance acceptable to the Tempur-Pedic® quality control experts requires in-depth technical understanding. Consistently producing custom mattresses that exceed these requirements is why Artisans is the Authorized Tempur-Pedic Customizing house. They have demonstrated their confidence in Artisans’ reliability since 1999 by extending their 10 year limited warranty to mattresses customized by Artisans. Only Artisans has earned that trust. (our original company name was Tempur Marine

The Tempur-Pedic® 10 year limited warranty
covers your Artisans custom mattress

Sewing Celebrity Bed Cover

Sewing a Celebrity Bed Cover

Each of the Tempur-Pedic mattress models have exclusive characteristics and features which define unique customizing requirements. These components are engineered to work together. Artisans Custom Mattress alone is willing to comply with the long list of demanding specifications and rigorous attention to detail that partnering with this major corporation requires. Artisans offers the certainty of world class technology in a custom size mattress. This is not an unknown mattress with a questionable history or old technology. You are investing in an Award Winning, Space-Age, custom size Tempur-Pedic mattress with all the original materials, features and limited custom mattress warranty,

Please see our Request an Estimate or contact us page for more details.

Production 3 Pic slide A_edited-1               Precise Planning                                 Correct Cutting                             Skilled Sewing 

Summary of the Overall Process

A reasonably accurate estimate is the first step. We estimate the project using: A) your choice of a Tempur-Pedic® model, B) the longest and widest dimensions of the mattresses, and C) a few other details that can be found on our inquiry form.

A quote will be delivered to you after detailed patterns or schematics are in our hands. For making patterns of complex mattress shapes, we recommend the Artisans’ Measurement Kit. The Kit is Free with your completed order.

A standard sized mattress is exactly cut to the required dimensions. We carefully sew the cover to match your custom mattress.

Yachts and motor coaches are not stationary and delivery timing and special shipping addresses can be critical. We work to match your travel schedule.

Please see our Request an Estimate or contact us page for more details.

Eventually we have a conversation with each and every customer. It may be face to face, over the phone or via electronic devices. Regardless of the method, understanding all the details and options requires more than the simple ‘click and ship’ method used for mass produced products. Artisans exceptional customer service starts with that conversation and you will be pleased with our courteous and friendly approach to answering all your questions without the high pressure sales talk.

How to Order Your Custom Mattress

      Step 1:

Choose your favorite Tempur-Pedic® mattress model.  Try them all at your local Tempur-Pedic® retailer. Find one near you with our store locator page.

Step 2:

Contact us! We prefer to discuss your custom mattress with you directly, so please call.  You can also use our inquiry form  for an estimate.

Step 3:

Once we receive your exact measurements and mattress model, we will contact you with a quote. A template of your custom mattress can easily be made using Artisans’ Measurement Kit. We will promptly send the kit at your request.

Step 4:

Upon approval of your quote, we get to work for you!

      Step 5:

               After you receive your Artisans custom Tempur-Pedic mattress, you will wonder why you waited so long!  

Estimates & Quotes

The price total is comprised of the starting “standard” mattress model plus the customizing (cutting and sewing) plus shipping and handling. Preparing a reasonably accurate estimate requires the longest and widest mattress dimensions (please see the Figure 1 below). Please indicate if the custom mattress “sides” are vertical or complex. Expert assistance is available by phone or email. Detailed dimensions will be completed after you review the estimate.

Once we have the final dimensions and/or patterns in our hands, we will give you an accurate quote. We will carefully go through the options to make sure your quote matches your needs and budget. Please see our Inquiry form to get started.

Needed Dimensions


The total price of custom mattress includes the A) price of the standard mattress plus B) the customizing plus C) the shipping and handling.

A) The Tempur-Pedic web site list the price for each standard size for all their models. Artisans starts with a standard mattress size just large enough to cover the custom dimensions.

B) Artisans’ customizing charge depends on the complexity of the mattress and averages about 30% of the price of the ‘standard mattress’ used to start the process.

C) Shipping cost depends on weight and dimensions and average about $275 plus any special delivery issues such as long stairways and “white glove” inside delivery.


Measuring Custom Shapes

After your order has been confirmed, we stand ready to help you with measuring the custom shape of the mattress. We can provide a range of options for making custom schematics and full sized patterns that will give you a great looking fit. Please read about the ACM “Measurement Kit.”

  • The ACM Measurement Kit is always available.
  • An Artisans’ representative may be available to make the schematic or pattern.
  • You may ship the old mattress directly to our facilities (please call first).
  • Your favorite local interior design expert could make schematics and patterns with our Measurement Kit.
  • In some cases, you may be able to obtain the mattress schematics from your yacht or RV builder.


Any Thickness

To adjust the thickness of the mattress and comply with any requested custom thickness, Artisans’ special tools and skills are required. The TEMPUR® material, the top comfort layer, and AirFlow System™ layers are untouched. The famous Tempur-Pedic comfort is preserved when we adjust thickness. 

We customize the thickness of most of the Tempur-Pedic mattresses. Tempur-Pedic mattresses are constructed with layers of TEMPUR materials on top and a high quality bonded substrate below with the AirFlow System in between. Our process for customizing the thickness only trims the bottom substrate layer, leaving all the comfort features intact. Please talk to us about the option that best meets your needs.


Custom Shaping: Cutting and Sewing Your Custom Mattress

Accurate fabrication of complicated mattress shapes is our specialty. We may call you before we start the process to ensure accurate interpretation of your measurements. We will talk until everyone is satisfied that we all agree on what is expected. Custom mattresses will be completed within one to three weeks of receiving the schematics and patterns. Artisans shall deliver a great fit for any complicated mattress size and shape. Excellent customer service is our highest priority.


Completion Time, Delivery and Setup

If you require a quick response, have a specific delivery “window,” or need to accept delivery during transit, please let us know when you place the order. We enjoy a challenge!

  • Our office will call when the mattress is ready.
  • Three weeks is the normal time required to complete a custom order but we ask for a tolerance of 30 days. Normal shipping transit time in the USA varies from 2 to 6 days.
  • Shipment of standard mattress sizes are made within two to three weeks.

Flexible Tempur-Pedic mattresses may be temporarily folded for ease of handling as well as access to areas under the mattress. The mattress temperature MUST BE ABOVE 65° F before it is folded. Large Tempur-Pedic mattresses can be loaded through small openings and circuitous passageways.


Cover Quality

Fine craftsmanship and materials go into sewing the cover, ensuring it will fit neatly around the custom mattress shape. A permanent top and bottom means NO mattress flipping!Advanced cover

The high quality cover is soft, flexible, washable, and comfortable and protects the mattress. Each type of durable cover is engineered to keep you close to the mattress. Comfort features depend on the TEMPUR material’s close contact to body heat and pressure.

Tempur-Pedic covers eliminate the need for conventional mattress pads. The covers are a special non-toxic, environmentally friendly way to treat fabric to help eliminate the food chain that supports dust mites and bacteria. It is also allergen resistant.


Every Imaginable Shape 

Artisans’ custom mattresses are proficiently fashioned in all shapes and sizes. For example; the tiny mattress, extra large mattress, odd size mattress, triangle mattress, the almost triangle shaped mattress. That means any special mattress shape or we may only adjust the thickness of the mattress. They are all treated like a VIP custom mattress. A window seat cushion is not exactly a custom mattress but the mattress customizing has the same issues as any custom mattresses for home, boat, RV, plane, train,  or truck. In short. Artisans does any custom sized mattress for every resting area in your life. And this is not just a custom size foam mattress, Artisans delivers a custom Tempur-Pedic mattress, the VIP mattress for you.


Foundation Analysis and Selection

Tempur-Pedic mattresses must lie on a firm flat foundation, platform or other solid surface. The usual solid platforms on yachts and motor coaches are perfect. Artisans will custom fit the mattress to uneven surfaces providing they are solid. Do not place the mattress on sparse slats or surfaces that will permanently compress with time. Using a foundation that is less firm and complete than the “Tempur-Pedic Foundation” will void the mattress limited warranty. The limited warranty and other performance guarantees are based on tests conducted on our mattresses and foundations as sets.


 For luxury yachts, R.V.’s, and, of course the home, Artisans offers the  adjustable base option with wireless remote control for multi-position settings. We also offer Tempur-Pedic Foundations and frames in all the standard sizes.

Tempur-Pedic® AccessoriesMany styles available

There are many Tempur-Pedic accessories, including mattress protectors, a variety of pillows and cushions that are shown on As a authorized retailer for Tempur-Pedic these accessories are all available through us.


Custom Sheets

Custom sheets in a wide assortment of thread counts and colors are available to match your custom mattress. The set includes a custom fitted bottom sheet, a custom flat top sheet and two pillow cases. We will also customize the sheets of your choosing, just send us your preferred sheets and we will do the rest. Please see our Custom Sheets page.

Of course you have Questions!

Ask Artisans!

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