Safety & Health Bulletin

Safety & Health Bulletin

April 2020

Mitigating the threat of the Wuhan Corona Virus

Yes! Artisans is Open for Business!

Sanitary operations have always been a top priority as part of
Caring for Your Good Health
Additional Disinfectant technology and
Social distancing procedures have been added
Helping to ensure a clean product for you and
a safe work environment for us

We are a manufacturing company with sales via the internet
Business Interactions are thru the internet and phones
There is No actual storefront or public access
Monitoring family and coworkers’ health is natural for our small company

Social Distancing
Some employees work from home computer stations
For those of us working on site;
• One person per department, per shift
• Each department is physically isolated
• A disinfectant treatment is required between shifts
• Product disinfectant treatment before packaging

Customer Service
Our signature customer service drives our decisions
Artisans will continue to evaluate and make adjustments
The most trusted technical information sources, guide our choices
Each of us at Artisans is fully engaged in the fight to stop the spread of Covid-19

Our northern Michigan location has been spared the
high rates of infection experienced in southeast Michigan

If you have questions, please Ask Artisans!