Commercial Clients

Tempur-Pedic mattresses in Every Imaginable Shape

Commercial clients make up the majority of our business and whether your company needs a 1000 mattresses or one special mattress, Artisans is at your service as THE Authorized Customizing House and Distributor for Tempur-Pedic® products. 

Every Imaginable Shape

We are always ready to serve our commercial clients.

We are THE customizing house for memory foam mattresses

 Professional Service for Commercial Clients

Artisans can help satisfy your customers who identify sleeping comfort as a priority. The mattress has the most intimate and extensive contact with owners and guests and their impression of your product is strongly influenced by last night’s rest. However, the choice of mattress is a genuine personal issue. The final customer may have well defined constraints including the exact Tempur-Pedic® mattress model and bedding accessories. Artisans is well practiced at maintaining the delicate balance of listening to the technical and personal needs of the final customer while referring all the business issues to our commercial clients.

The final customer’s satisfaction with the mattress is our responsibility, the credit is yours. Mattress Quality in your prestigious homes, yachts, motor coaches, airplanes, trains, resorts… may now delight and amaze your clients with the exceptional comfort offered only by Tempur-Pedic® products.


Customer Confidentiality

Artisans respects the privacy of our clients. We have served business leaders, political figures, celebrities, sports and music idols, royalty, and individuals who simply value their privacy. When you join the elite family of Artisans clientele, you can be assured Artisans has protocols in place to help protect client confidentiality. 


 Setting the Standard of Confidence

Artisans’ value is demonstrated with our successful 10 year limited warranty – setting the new quality standard for custom mattresses since 1999. Quality customizing requires a technical understanding of how all the unique components are engineered to work together to complete a Tempur-Pedic mattress. Artisans Custom Mattress, Inc. is the only national company that specializes in customizing an international brand name mattress and the only authorized customizing house for Tempur-Pedic products, an honor we take seriously.

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All standard size Tempur-Pedic ® Mattresses and Accessories available


Present Your Tempur-Pedic® Option

Simply adding the words “Tempur-Pedic® Mattresses” to your option list creates another avenue for improved customer satisfaction and profit.  We do all the work from there. Artisans can act as your mattress ‘service center’ or provide you with the exclusive Artisans Sales & Order Information Book, in digital or hard copy, which will guide through product and service options. We will supply as little or as much support that conforms to your business, including sales information, catalogs, brochures, national advertisement, custom measurement support, small samples and displays. It is not necessary for you to store expensive inventory.

In addition to our custom mattresses and cushions, Artisans offers all the Tempur-Pedic products including standard sized mattresses plus pillows and accessories. We offer a list of options for service to fit your way of doing business. In every case, we will accommodate your distinctive professional look.

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