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Artisans Custom Mattress, Inc . is owned and operated by Dale K. Humbert. Dale founded the company in 1999, originally known as Tempur Marine & RV, Inc. Thank you for your interest in “About Us.”

Recruiting and retaining a growing team of friendly and competent professionals has been a top priority. Grouches are simply not invited to work here. “I can train friendly competent people to do new things but converting a competent grouch into a friendly person is beyond me.”

Dale has a lifetime of experience with boating and recreational vehicles. Just as important, Dale is a delighted customer of Tempur-Pedic ® products since 1996. Our client’s unique bed shape is the reason for Artisans’ existence and helping people start their day refreshed, from their homes, boats, RV’s, trains, etc. is our fundamental aim.

After graduate school, Dale started his career as a polymer physicist and eventually became a manager in corporate R & D labs. He served in a variety of leadership rolls in science, business and policy development including International Issues Manager. Dale has a wealth of national and international business expertise. This knowledge and experience is used to ensure you get the best in workmanship, products and service in a cost competitive package.

“We share your desire to see the world from the Seas, Lakes, Highways and Sky in true comfort and with a Sewing Celebrity Bed Coverrefreshed body and spirit each day. We decided on Tempur-Pedic® products because we are very satisfied customers. We understand the natural physics and engineering that goes into each Tempur-Pedic product and the value that creates for you. We have watched the phenomenal growth rate of the Tempur-Pedic company. That is a revolution based on performance! Extensive personal experience and knowledge of polymer physics and TEMPUR® materiel makes it fun and easy to believe in our products.”

Artisans Custom Mattress is the Authorized Source for products expertly crafted from Tempur-Pedic® materials in North America and beyond. Currently, our headquarters are located in Saginaw Michigan. We have a growing number of friendly independent representatives across the continent. Our network of interior design experts will help our customer receive just the right fit and design touches.

The Artisans Workshop

The efficient offices and operations of Artisans are in keeping with the high tech products. The cleanliness of our workshop is what you expect from a top quality bedding operation. Our well trained Artisans have the tools necessary to perform a variety of unique task. Some of the tools were designed and built especially for Artisans’. We enjoy going the extra mile to maintain our position as THE Authorized Expert Customizing company for Tempur-Pedic products.

All the right hardware requires people with the right stuff.

Renee London
Operations Manager

Alex Nugent
Master Artisan
Sue Flanagan
Manager Emeritus

Andrew Humbert
Marketing Manager
Dale Humbert
Lori Lamont

Colby Schaeding
Jr. Artisan
Ralph Bergelin
Consulting Artisan

Steve Reimer
Grounds Keeper


        Plus our numerous independent associates


History of Artisans

Artisans Custom Mattress, Inc. (originally Tempur Marine & RV) was an idea born out of personal preference. Dale Humbert is the owner and founder. His experience with a Tempur-Pedic® mattress at home convinced him that his new yacht (see First Off Shore Voyage) should have the same great comfort. “The quality of last night’s rest defines you today.” After a series of learning experiences, it became obvious that the only way to get it done right was to do it himself. Discussions with Bobby Trussell, the founder, and Dave Fogg of Tempur-Pedic Inc. were fruitful and so the start of Artisans Custom Mattress was recorded. The public has been very receptive to Artisans, thanks in large part a great staff who attentively listen to customers and to publications like Southern Boating, Yachtworld.com, Cruising Outpost (Lats & Atts), Yachting, ShowBoats, Boats International USA, etc. Word of mouth advertising continues to pass along Artisans as the place for “no excuses” quality comfort in exotic and unusual shapes. Over half of Artisans Custom Mattress sales are wholesale. Artisans success has followed the extraordinary popularity of Tempur-Pedic mattresses has been followed by Artisans.

Dale has enough international business management experience to recognize that each and every business has its own special characteristics. The boating and mattress businesses were both new arenas for Dale. That dictated a conservative startup with the primary focus on learning. Dale’s corporate career had jumped him into a new business about every 3 or 4 years, so this was familiar start-up procedure. However, the basics of World Class Customer Service are the same – listen, understand and any issue that is important to the customer is by definition important to this business.

Artisans Custom Mattress started out with small ads in boating magazines. Valuable learning experiences were gained by attending boat shows and listening to boat builders and brokers. Most people were very cooperative as long as Dale quickly disappeared when real customers showed up. The technology was the straightforward part for the scientist and engineer. However, it took time and patience to recruit the Right People as well as perfecting: Proper Tools, Selling Knowledge; Understanding the extensive technology that makes up a composite Tempur-Pedic mattress while faithfully following the details of a complex pattern; accurately sculpting non-traditional TEMPUR ® material; upholstery expertise adapted to manipulating the high tech materials; accurate billing – All are essential to customer satisfaction and long term success. It always began by carefully listening to each and every customer. He soon had developed a detailed Artisans Custom Mattress Measurement Kit. Office procedures were also developed and documented. Finding a suitable clean work space with all the right attributes was a challenge. Artisans Custom Mattress now has a great location with clean open work space, office area and loading dock, totaling about 10,000 sq ft. Growth and improvements are continuous.

Amaze & Delight

Artisans Custom Mattress knows how to amaze and delight! Our experts listen to customer preferences, customize shapes and preserve all the features and original materials of standard Tempur-Pedic mattresses. As a result, Tempur-Pedic International extends the 10 year warranty to the custom mattresses made by Artisans Custom Mattress. Artisans Custom Mattress’s 90 day trial on custom mattresses is a first in the industry. After all of the years since 1999, and too many custom mattresses to count, our 90 day trial has been a huge success. That fact along speaks volumes about customer service and product quality. Customers and the public direct a great deal more positive feelings towards Artisans Custom Mattress than any international corporate behemoth, no mater how good that company may be. Dale finds this a fun business for many reasons including talking to so many people from all over the world about their favorite sport, home, vocation, avocation or pastime. We occasionally even talk mattresses.

Perfection Requirements

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Special Tools

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