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Custom Sheets

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  Custom sheets in a wide selection of fabrics and colors are available to meet your comfort and aesthetic requirements. The Egyptian cottons are the long time favorite and we have a host of colors and thread counts. We understand that like your mattress, your preferred style of sheets is an intimate choice. Therefore we are happy to have you mail us your chosen sheets for customizing. The time required to complete the order is approximately 2-3 weeks and shipping cost for one set is $10.

Custom Mattress Protectors are also available with the materials specified by Tempur-Pedic®.


The custom sheet sets include:

1 Fitted bottom sheet, up to 12′ deep
1 Flat top sheet
2 Queen Pillow cases

Shipping costs for the sheets is $10 per set or they will ship with your mattress.


Dimensions less than these standard sizes

Signature 500 TC
100% Pima Cotton

Danielle 400 TC
100% Egyptian Cotton
Long Staple

38 x 74 Twin



38 x 80 Long Twin



53 x 74 Double



53 x 80 Long Double



60 x 80 Queen



76 x 80 King



72 x 84 CA King



Most colors available

 Pricing subject to change

Fabricating Quality Custom Sheets

Selecting the best materials for your custom sheets requires a detailed review of the fabrics and processes used. The secret is in understanding the nature of the finishing and all the factors that lead up to the various levels of cotton quality and the “hand” or feel of the fabric. Although thread count (number of thread are woven into a square inch of fabric) is important, there are other factors that make a significant difference in the hand and look of the finished product. The softness depends more on the quality of the fiber than thread count. That is why some 200 thread count fine cotton sheets can have a softer hand that a 400 thread count sheet that uses an inferior grade of cotton or a plied thread made with short fibers. Our best sheets use “long staple fibers” or long individual fibers. The long fine treads along with the minimal processing and treatments preserve the high quality of the cotton. This gives the fine cottons a long lasting smooth hand, less wrinkles, durability and a rich silky and shimmering look.


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