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Many customers have given us unsolicited Testimonials. These kind words encourage us to deliver amazing and delightful service and products to each and every customer.

 We would like to thank all of our customers for their kind compliments.  We sincerely enjoyed working with all of you.


From: Cynthia C. Amarillo, TX

I have been doing business with Artisans Custom Mattress for almost 10 years. I’ve purchased 2 custom beds from them during that time, both for my Labrador Retrievers. I worry about making sure my dogs have the proper support for their joints and the Tempur-Pedic matters is just the ticket. I cannot tell you what a pleasure it is to do business with such a wonderful, honest, and ethical business. I live in Texas, so my orders are all “on faith” and they have never let me down. Renee is THE BOMB! She’s helped me chose, ponder, and decide on both mattresses. I also have a 4-poster bed that my grandfather was born in, in the 1800’s and the mattress has to be custom made as it’s “about’ a queen sized, but the posts are huge, so it needs cut outs. That will be my next purchase from Artisans and it will be ordered soon. I cannot recommend this company highly enough and feel very fortunate to have found them!! Thank you so much for all of your help for all these years!!           Reprinted from Yelp.com



From: Ellie, Chicago 

This message is for everyone, especially for Renee. I’m sitting on my gorgeous, white glove delivered Tempur-Pedic mattress. It’s fabulous!  I’m all set. I’m going to have a nap on my Tempur-Pedic mattress. I love it! Have a Happy Thanksgiving. The delivery person was very happy to take the old mattress down to the delivery dock for me.


From: Tom F.

“The mattress arrived just fine on Tuesday afternoon, took it to the boat on Thursday, and she fit beautifully!! Photo attached. We stayed aboard last night and what a wonderful mattress – fit, feel, and looks. Put the cover & your sheets on and we couldn’t be happier. Please tell Alex what a fabulous job he did!!


October 2016 Annapolis Sailboat Show – Unique Testimonial

We always look forward to hearing from customers who are enjoying their Tempur-Pedic® mattresses. A boat show is particularly pleasing when we get to talk with clients in person and listen to their glowing testimonials. This year, along with the usual parade of compliments, we heard a unique and interesting testimonial. A woman stopped by to talk mattresses. She had a sweat personality and honest demeanor. I asked if she was familiar with Tempur-Pedic mattress. She looked me straight in the eye and with all the innocence of nun said “my husband loves my girlfriend’s Tempur-Pedic mattress.” After a few seconds I asked her to repeat her statement and she did. Her husband then introduced himself. I decided it was best I accept the complement at face value and thank them. Dale 

From: Commodore Paul, Bay City, MI

I am wheelchair bound from the time I arise until I go to bed for the night. Unfortunately, the seating becomes uncomfortable. The custom cushion Artisans made for me eliminates that discomfort. It also relieves the stress on my back and legs.


From: Mr. L.R.F.  “Flash” USN (Ret.)

A very Early Mornin’ to you Renee: Well, my 84″ round Tempur-Pedic custom made mattress arrived yesterday afternoon around 1:30 p.m. and it was wonderful to sleep on last night.  What a difference!  Want to thank all of you at Artisans Mattress for your effort and the ABF truck driver couldn’t have been any nicer on the delivery.  So to all of you I say a VERY WELL DONE and please pass this up the chain of command so your president knows what a great job you, D.K. and Dina did and now my back will finally get a break! Will contact you in the future for another mattress cover, sheets and do you know of anyone who will make me another bedspread as mine is well-worn and does need replacement? Stay in touch, Mr. L.R.F.  “Flash” USN (Ret.)



From: Walt G.

Hi Renee,   I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help in putting this deal together.  The customer got his mattress and it fits great.  Our contact person was the driver of the coach and when he tried it after the install he was sold on the Tempur-Pedic brand.  You and your associates have done an awesome job not only in the custom cutting but also in the quick turnaround.  The coach is already in California waiting for the owner to arrive.  Again, Thank you.



From: David C.

Dale and All:     We received our mattress in Deltaville, VA right on schedule the morning of November 9th.  We wrestled it aboard and removed the old mattress as well.  We had six nights on the mattress before we left and the boat was hauled out for the winter.  We loved the mattress.  In two days we could see the improvement in our individual chronic back issues.  It was so nice to be on the boat with such a great bed toward which to look forward to a good night’s sleep and an enjoyable occasional nap! The mattress fit perfectly! Our custom sheets and cover fit it perfectly, even though it is two inches thicker than the original mattress.  It looks great too!  We cannot wait until next season.  We should have done this last year at the boat show when we first visited you. We’re interested in talking to you about replacing the king bed mattress at home in Texas.  So you want to send us some more info? Thanks….David C.



From: Hans Van M.

Renee,  The mattress was delivered Friday 10:30am  With the straps getting it to the boat, through the companion way, and into the V-berth was a piece of cake. The mattress fits perfectly and feels great. Thanks for your excellent service, Hans Van M.



From: Rundy B.

Dale,   THANK YOU for shipping my customized Tempur-Pedic [mattress] yesterday, and also for taking the time to make my remnants!! Below is some information on @%*< ($18.40), which is a stock worth owning in my opinion…..   ((The stock tip information carries on for two pages)) 



From: Cammy R.

Hi Renee,   Thank you very much for the mattress.  It has been a great help to this little guy and the family loves laying him on it.  Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.  Thanks,  Cammy R.


From: Rooms To Go

Hi Renee,  You guys are Awesome! Thanks again….. Walt


From: Scott M.
S/V Roshambo, Stuart, Florida
Comments posted on https://svroshambo.com/    Roshambo, is our floating home. We got our new Tempur-Pedic mattress from Artisans Custom Mattresses, awesome, these guys have got to be one of the best organizations I have EVER dealt with, they kept me posted throughout the process, finished the job AHEAD OF the promised due date and did an amazing job. It’s such a great experience when you deal with a company that knows how to take care of it’s customers and does a good job that they should be proud of.



From: Gilbert Jay (yes basketball fans, that Gilbert Jay)
I wanted to tell you the mattress did come yesterday. Simply wonderful. Thank you, thank you very much and I will recommend [you to] all of my friends who need a mattress, especially Tempur-Pedic [mattress]. Wonderful job. Thank you.



Annapolis Boat Show

Comments from several Boat Show customers
“You [Artisans Custom Mattress] are the best thing in the show”
“After sleeping on Tempur-Pedic [mattress] at home for years, our boat must have the same great mattress.”
“This is a brilliant idea for boats!”
“The only disadvantage of a Tempur-Pedic mattress at home is that when we travel, we must suffer [ordinary mattresses]. Now we will have one more place to enjoy Tempur-Pedic [comfort]. We are so glad we found you [Artisans Custom Mattress].”
“If there is one place I want to wake up happy, it is on the boat!”




From: Roy of New York
I wanted to thank you for all of your help in getting the new mattress to me in time for my vacation. Our vacation was the most relaxing we have ever had. We have a Tempur-Pedic [mattress] at home, but did not want to make the investment for a boat used just a few months of the year. We would come back from a weekend with sore shoulders, neck and back, but our home mattress would fix it. As far as we are concerned, one week and we have already recouped our cost. We actually looked forward to going to bed and found ourselves justifying going to bed earlier than normal. As a side bonus, my wife was able to sleep while beating to weather. She said the mattress held her firmly in position. You expedited the delivery and it was a perfect fit. Thank you very much!



From: Captain JD of M/V Mine Games
Also I may have a few of [the owner’s] family members contact you regarding more mattresses—they loved sleeping on them on the boat. I’ll probably get a few of these requests especially as we have more charter guests. (Please see the M/V Mine Games pictures and one of the 12 mattresses from Artisans)




From: Terese & Norman of California
Good Morning: It now has been 3 nights on the new mattress. What a difference. Norman is sleeping better, and not up and down going to the bathroom. The pillow is working when he sleeps on it properly. Thank you again. It really was the right purchase.



From: Barb of Florida
Thanks again for your help! We love it and we’re sleepin’ good.


From: John of Tennessee
We received and installed our new Tempur-Pedic mattress in our SeaRay 500 Sundancer yesterday, and let’s just say our XXX innerspring mattress is already in the dumpster! We’re excited to finally be able to enjoy the same comfort in our boat that we have at home. The mattress fits perfectly, even though it was a complicated shape and even larger than the largest standard size, a California King. You guys are real pros, and we couldn’t be happier! We will definitely recommend you to our friends.



From: Caroline, Tempur-Pedic headquarters, regarding David who is on the road
David wanted to let Tempur-Pedic [Inc.] know how well Artisans Custom Mattress did on his custom cut mattress. He said he talked to a Brookstone store manager who was extremely helpful in getting him the information he needed on purchasing a custom cut mattress for his Peterbilt truck. David also called Dale, Artisans Custom Mattress, and worked with him on getting his custom mattress. He said Dale was very helpful and he got his mattress last week and has been sleeping on it since Thursday and he loves it. He wanted me to pass the information along that we have some great people representing our product and he was very pleased with the buying process.



From: Debi of New Jersey
Tim and I both want to thank you and your staff for expediting our mattress order. Your timing could not have been better! The mattress was delivered to our marina just as Tim was arriving. In addition, this was the weekend we moved aboard for the duration of the summer (such as it is with the weather we’re experiencing). We are thrilled with the mattress. It fits beautifully and we slept soundly every night. Since our long-term plans are to live aboard and cruise, we think this was a great investment. I don’t believe time is going to change our mind. Our thanks again to all.

From: Barb of California
Just to let you know, we installed the mattress last week. Amazingly, it went in quite smoothly through the 20 inch door. And it fits the V-berth like a glove. Best of all, we are sleeping great!



From: Tuck & Alice of Florida Keys
Tuck loves the mattress and pillow and our friend, Alix Walker is thrilled with her mattress – says it’s the best sleep since her auto accident in 1956!
Thank you for the great service as well as the superb products. Have a healthy and profitable New Year!



From: Patricia and Bob of Illinois
Bob took the V-berth mattress to the boat yard. It fits perfectly and we are very pleased. We love sleeping there. Bob says it is like sleeping on a cloud. You were right, we going to love it. Thank you for the great product and great service.



From: Judy of Ohio
Love the custom cushions for my couch. Fit and sit beautifully.



From: Donna
Called to say the mattress fits perfectly and sleeps great. Thank you.



Tempur-Pedic National Recommendations

Tempur-Pedic® [mattress] on The Oprah Winfrey Show! JUNE 13, 2007
Here’s what happened:

On the June 11th telecast of The Oprah Winfrey Show, The RhapsodyBed by Tempur-Pedic™ was featured during a segment on “Bedtime Essentials for a Good Night’s Sleep”. Highlights of the segment, in which Dr. Michael Breus discussed the bed with Oprah, included Oprah exclaiming, “What kind is best? Tempur-Pedic? Oh, good! I have this one!” and once Oprah was on the bed she said “Feel that. Isn’t that great!” She then invited others from the studio to come on stage and try it out.

Oprah Loves her Tempur-Pedic mattress


Gallup Organization Annual Survey rates satisfaction of Tempur-Pedic customers

We have talked a lot about what is going on with customer purchasing habits and perception of the mattress industry overall. You will notice that the Tempur-Pedic mattress performs well above results from the 2006 Gallup Organization Annual Survey of the Mattress Industry. Some key points below:

Percent of customers “Satisfied” with current mattress (under 2 yrs old)
Industry 74%
Tempur-Pedic 96%

Percent of customers “Extremely Satisfied” (under 2 yrs old)
Industry 37%
Tempur-Pedic 50%

Customer would purchase same brand next time
Industry 30%
Tempur-Pedic 95%

93% of Tempur-Pedic customers have recommended our product to at least 1 other person. The average customer recommends our product to 12 other potential customers!

Consumer Reports .org

Would you buy that mattress again?
17,000 subscribers rate their beds and where they bought them

Last reviewed: October 2009

October , 2004
Practical Sailor, the buyers guide for sailors that accepts no advertising dollars.
“Quality is important in a mattress, not only for comfort but for long-term serviceability.
We’re not convinced that even powder-coated metal (in the [inner]springs) will endure in a marine environment… were inclined to favor the [Tempur] foam option.”



Once again Artisans would like to send out a big


to all of our customers who we now consider friends.


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