Artisans’ Flag Ship


Jeanneau 450Artisans’ Flag Ship

 Enchant is the vessel that inspired the concept for Artisans Custom Mattress, Inc.

In 1999 when Captain Dale ordered the Jeanneau from the factory, mattresses were an issue. Captain Dale had been converted to a Tempur-Pedic® mattress fan several years earlier and there is no going back to old fashioned mattresses once your body has experienced true rest that refreshes the spirit and body. A visit to Tempur-Pedic headquarters to meet with the owners, Bob Trussell and Dave Fogg got things rolling. Custom sized mattresses made from original Tempur-Pedic® mattresses was and is the basis of the business plan.

Captain Dale has three Tempur-Pedic mattresses and numerous seating cushions on the Artisans’ Flag Ship, the S/V Enchant. After six years in the British Virgin Islands and working in charter service, the mattresses continue to offer outstanding comfort. Cleaning is simple with the washable cover. Captain Dale sailed Enchant in the offshore Caribbean 1500 in the spring of 2005, a 1500 mile voyage from BVI to New York (Story of the Voyage). The mattresses were a fantastic resource during the ocean crossing. They demonstrated exceptional shock absorbing properties that eased the motion in all kinds of seas. The mattress “collects” you at the bottom of the wave with acquiescent grace. The mattress is just as considerate returning you to your original position at a reassuring pace. Most of the crew that sailed on Enchant have since purchased mattresses from Artisans. The Enchant has since been sailing the Great Lakes to this day and the mattresses are still performing brilliantly. Captain Dale is a polymer physicist with over 3 decades of leading edge research and development. He served as scientist and manager in one of the world’s foremost polymers laboratories for most of that time.

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