Custom Boat Mattress

 Custom Boat Mattress

A Custom Tempur-Pedic® Boat Mattress is Comfort at Sea

Captain Dale has three Tempur-Pedic® custom boat mattresses that are foldable mattresses on the S/V Enchant, the Flag Ship of Artisans. After six years in the British Virgin Islands and 10 plus years on The Great Lakes, the mattresses continue to offer outstanding comfort.

Captain Dale sailed Enchant in the offshore Caribbean 1500-mile voyage from BVI to New York (Story of Voyage). The custom sailboat mattresses were a fantastic resource during the two week ocean crossing. They demonstrated exceptional shock absorbing properties that eased the motion in all kinds of seas. The mattress “collects” you at the bottom of the wave with acquiescent grace. The mattress is just as considerate returning you to your original position at a reassuring pace.

Custom Tempur-Pedic mattress perform excellently on a sailboat

S/V Enchant, Flag Ship of Artisans

Custom boat mattress quality was often compromised by both the extremely limited onboard passageways and the difficulty accommodating the ‘unique spaces’ designed for a boat bed. Enter TEMPER® material flexibility plus Artisans’ expertise and knowledge of material design. You have limitless shape options for your custom folding boat mattress that will load into tight quarters through narrow pathways. Most importantly, the famous Tempur-Pedic comfort continues to satisfy the most demanding critics on some of the most prestigious yachts.

Since 1999, Artisans Custom Mattress has been offering an industry leading choice that will amaze and delight you. Artisans’ “shape-shifters” customize Tempur-Pedic mattresses to fit anywhere while retaining all the original materials, features, and limited warranty!

Artisans Custom Mattress, Inc.
is the Authorized Expert Customizing house
for Tempur-Pedic products.

Artisans is the only custom mattress company with a 10 year limited warranty.  Interested?

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TEMPUR® Material in The Marine Environment

The demanding marine environment and the desire for serious sleeping comfort onboard promoted the founding of Artisans Custom Mattress, Inc. in 1999. The marine environment is unforgiving and therefore Tempur-Pedic products are the first choice. As boaters, we have embraced polyurethane for its inherent mold and mildew resistance and its long service life. TEMPUR® material and the mattress substrate are polyurethane. The AirFlow System™ and extensive open cell structure are built in and unique to Tempur-Pedic products. Air circulation is vital to a healthy boat. The washable cover is mite and bacteria resistant, an important health feature anywhere and especially on boats. The unique fit between Tempur-Pedic products and yachts has proven to be a wise investment for boatloads of sailors.

Every Imaginable Shape

Flexibility Advantage 

Flexibility is an important advantage of Tempur-Pedic boat beds. Artisans’ custom boat mattresses have multiple clip straps sewn into the bottom cover so the foldable mattress can fold whatever way is required. No hinges or splits! Traditional mattresses require a hinge or split and only fold one way. Artisans’s folding mattresses fold one way for loading on-board and the other way to gain access to storage spaces below the bed deck (Stateroom storage). The competitor’s split or hinge in the custom mattress is uncomfortable and expensive. Say goodbye to losing your knees and  elbows in the joints of old traditional mattresses..Folded utilizing clip straps for ease of access to storage spaces below the bed deck


Westport Yachts

Image provided by our friends at Westport Yachts

Westport ZK8N0957

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 Reasons for Artisans’ Continued Success
  • Artisans offers the Confidence of an International Brand Name custom mattress,
  • World Class Technology,
  • 10 year limited warranty backed by the Tempur-Pedic® company,Custom mattress retains all original materials, features, and warranty
  • Award Winning, Space-Age Tempur-Pedic custom mattress with all the original materials and features,
  • Since 1999 Artisans has been committed to delivering the highest quality service and value,
    • The foremost test of any custom mattress is the service. Artisans’ professionalism starts from the first inquiry and continues through delivery and overall customer satisfaction. Our skilled and experienced artisans allow unlimited shape options. Individual needs are met with Artisans customer support plus Tempur-Pedic product options.


Westport Yachts crew quarters

Custom boat mattress aboard a Westport Yacht

Customer Satisfaction is our foundation

Tempur-Pedic products have consistently maintained high customer satisfaction ratings over many years.  Tempur-Pedic mattresses are the preeminent product and customer referrals have always been our best sales tool. Serious comfort in Every Imaginable Shape delivered with world class service makes Artisans Custom Mattress the unparalleled source for custom mattresses.

8-7750 VIP Stateroom Westport

Another beautiful stateroom by Westport Yachts

Destry Darr Designs 02

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Since 1999, Artisans has been amazing and delighting
important people like you.

Name it what you may, on-board sleeping comfort with a great looking fit is yours with a simple inquiry. Call it a bed for powerboat or the bed for sailboat or a bed for yacht or simply the bed for boat, a refreshed morning on-board is the desired outcome. The custom size yacht mattress must perform well for both partners. Your custom foldable boat mattress shall load through tortuous paths. The folding custom mattress with no hinges is an Artisans’ exclusive. Call it a folding mattress or a folding custom mattress, it is a mattress for boats and a mattress on boats. You may prefer mattress for powerboat or mattress on powerboats and there is powerboat mattresses. Some sailors rather call them sailboat mattresses or mattress for sailboats and mattress on sailboats. We also hear VIP yacht mattresses and custom yacht mattress as well as yacht beds and mattress on yachts. There is always, mattress for yachts and luxury yacht bed or luxury yacht mattress and luxury yacht bed, etc. etc.

Mine Games Master Stateroom

Another satisfied customer. The master stateroom, on-board M/Y Mine Games, a Trinity Yacht

Tempur-Pedic mattresses in Every Imaginable Shape

Artisans Supports our Military

The U.S. Coast Guard is known for patrolling the homeland coasts. What it is little known, is that U.S. Coast Guard ships and sailors serve in the Middle East region protecting our people and assets.

Alert sailors are an absolute in that dangerous environment and Artisans provided support in the form of custom mattresses. As word of the benefits of our mattresses spread through the fleet, the many subsequent orders said it all.

Please consider supporting the Coast Guard Foundation.


Proudly Made In the U.S.A.