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Custom Mattress Gallery

Artisans Custom Mattress Gallery

Every Imaginable Shape

Our Custom Mattress Gallery contains selected images of projects for the home custom mattress, boat custom mattress, RV custom mattress, yacht custom mattress, custom window seat cushion, etc. The wide selection of Tempur-Pedic® mattress models and Artisans detailed customizing leads to unlimited shapes and sizes.  We also manufacture custom beds for athletes and other very tall people who need extra large mattresses.  While some of the images below contain mattress models that are no longer available from the Tempur-Pedic company, they are still excellent examples of the shapes we can achieve.

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Brochures and past Advertisements



A few examples of our brochures and past advertising campaigns

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Satisfied Customers

Customer Confidentiality

Artisans respects the privacy of our clients. We have served business leaders, political figures, celebrities, sports and music idols, royalty, and individuals who simply value their privacy. When you join the elite family of Artisans clientele, you can be assured Artisans has protocols in place to help protect your privacy. 

Artisans received permission from the owners to use these selected yachts, and their custom mattresses from Artisans, for marketing purposes. Satisfied customers do help grow Artisans’ fan base. 

To see an enlarged version of one of our projects, click on the image …